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Alicia Robinson

Career Coach,

Quite simply, Heather took my website from drab to fab! From the moment she sent me her new client packet through the launch of the updated site, she offered exceptional professionalism, partnership, and expertise. Heather was able to take concepts and ideas I had no clue how to implement and easily translate them into easy-to-use webpages and backend processes. What truly set her apart from other web designers with whom I have worked in the past is her outstanding customer service. Not only does she provide timely responses to calls and emails but she also creates training videos and other resources to allow a seamless transition from site development to ongoing site management. I simply cannot recommend Heather and Wise Owl Marketing enough!

Russ Thornton Wealthcare for Women Website Redesign

Russ Thornton

Financial Advisor to Affluent Women

After searching, identifying and interviewing more than a dozen web professionals to help with my website redesign, I’m glad to have found Heather and Wise Owl Marketing.

Not only is Heather an experienced designer, she brings a lot of marketing know-how to the table and provided a lot of strategic advice about how to use my website and online presence to further my business goals.

Not only do I have a great looking website, but it’s helping me grow my email list, schedule phone calls with potential clients and more.

If you need help with your website or online marketing, you need to talk to Heather.

Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead

Authors, Speakers & Network Marketers,

Heather uses her intuitive listening skills combined with her incredible creativity to quickly hone in on which resources to implement to bring the greatest value to her clients, in the most efficient way. In the initial one hour strategy call with Heather, we were able to collectively articulate our goals and create a cohesive vision for our team that left everyone completely inspired and motivated!


Kim Cossette-Andre

Professional Organizer:

Choosing to work with Heather is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. If you’re looking for a true expert who will listen, gently guide you when needed, and then transform your vision into a “beautiful strategic website” – call Heather. Literally within a few days of launching our new site, I received recognition as one of the top 19 professionals in my field for my city. I directly attribute this to Heather. How do I know? The write-up on my business specifically referenced a brand new program only newly announced on the new site. How’s that for immediate results. Heather absolutely delivers what she promises and more!

Kerin Briscese

Health Coach,

I came to Heather on a recommendation.  I had worked with 2 other web designers in the past and had been highly disappointed both times. I felt like they had no creativity and as a very creative person I was getting very irritated trying to explain what I wanted and having 0 control on making the situation better.  I saw what I wanted in my head, but when explaining it they just weren’t getting it.

Once I knew I was redoing my website (for the 3rd time) I did my research! I ended up getting 3 referrals all that came highly regarded.  It was a tough decision but there was something about Heather's thoroughness from our very first call that I just had a feeling she would really get me.

Since working with Heather I have the confidence in charging the prices I want to charge. I have no website shame and I really feel like the functionality and beauty of the website capture the level of my work. Because of this, I feel so much more comfortable sending out my information to prospective clients and other businesses that I partner with.

If you are wondering if you should work with Heather, let me help you. DO IT! She is unbelievably patient, thorough, has an amazingly creative eye and hears what YOU say.  You won’t be disappointed!


Carole Maier

Energy Healer,

If you are wondering if hiring a professional to design your website is the right thing to do, the answer is “yes” as long as it is Heather! I was concerned about the cost as it can be a bit scary to invest in yourself sometimes but let me assure you Heather’s work is worth every penny.

There is high value in this. She knows her skill so well that she can make it easy for you to fill in the pieces she needs to weave her design. When working through the website writing prompts, which were a huge help for me, it was like she was there with me asking the essential questions that were perfect for drawing out what it is about me that I want people to know.

Heather’s style is comforting too. She spent time getting to know me and my business then created a website that revealed that with crystal clarity, even down to the color palate for the website, which I didn’t even know was thing! She guided me through the whole process, coached me when needed, answered all my questions and supported me with advice and suggestions when I asked. She brought out “me” and made me shine. Thank you, Heather!

Karen Radtke

Health Coach,

Heather was hugely instrumental in helping me get my business Integral Health Solutions off the ground.

In our initial meeting she asked me very pertinent questions which helped me clarify my business goals and my target audience. She developed my website, and appropriately sought my input to give the website the flavor and image that I was looking for. She also made important links from my website to my Facebook page and to Mail Chimp, and guided me through the initial marketing set up process. This saved me countless hours of my own time, as she is the expert. She then educated me on how to use Word Press to make future changes on my website, and directed me to the numerous Word Press tutorials for further information.

I'm extremely thankful to Heather for her expertise and encouragement, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to start his/her own business.


Shannon Degarmo

Writer & Speaker,

Wise Owl Marketing was suggested to me by a social media company to help build a website. I already had one that was not meeting my expectations, or able to fulfill the needs to sell my product. Then, Heather stepped in!

Not only did she help design my website and update it tremendously, but she also made it work for me. She set up my payment, shipping and email lists to standard and streamlined the website to be a cohesive site that is easy to navigate. Heather was so easy to work with. If an issue came up, she was quick to respond to email for phone call and we walked through the problem together. She is friendly and so patient as we were navigating the website build as I am not that technically gifted.

Before Heather, I struggled to sell my product, my purchase orders were a mess, and potential buyers had a difficult time finding my website in an online search. After Heather, well, it all got fixed!

I’m so grateful for her and what she did for my brand. Her easy going attitude along with her expertise and knowledge make her one of the best! I would recommend her to anyone with any website needs.

Anne Wade

Health Coach,

I can not thank you enough!  I have had the vision of my website stuck in my head for years.  Since I am so technically challenged,  I was terrified of even trying to take on a project like a website.  So, it remained trapped in my head until you came along!!  I am so incredibly grateful for all your help.  You listened to what I wanted, you asked questions, you tweaked and you taught.  You managed to do all that AND be so patient with all my questions!!!  Now, I have this gorgeous website that so perfectly represents me and I LOVE IT!!!  Thank you so much!!!


Dawn Miller

Health Coach,

Working with Heather was a great experience. When it comes to design of any kind, I really have no idea of what I'm doing. Heather was able to help me through the whole process - from choosing colors to designing the layout of the website. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything you need to know clearly, while also considering what your customers will be looking for. Heather is not only a great web designer, but is also super supportive and will become one of your biggest cheerleaders! I can't recommend her highly enough.

Bruce Becknell

Vice President,

On behalf of Roy and Bev, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the truly remarkable job you did in creating a perfect website for Isaacs Fluid Power. While we started out believing we were entirely open to whatever you proposed, a blank canvas so to speak, it soon became clear that we actually did have an image of what we wanted the site to convey. Thankfully, you were able to help bring those images to reality in an exceptional way. Our desire was to have a site where a first time viewer didn’t have to waste even 10 seconds trying to figure out what our company does, what products we have to offer, and what services we extend to the customer. Wise Owl grasped that, and wasted no time in bringing that primary goal to life.

Thank you for helping us pull this all together so quickly and for making the process so incredibly painless. We truly appreciate the fine work that you delivered and greatly enjoyed working with you. It’s been a genuine pleasure.


Dalene Bickel


Hiring Heather Stephens of Wise Owl Marketing to help me redesign my website was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. For a decade I had struggled to create and maintain my own website, with less than stellar results. I had spent countless hours learning WordPress and gathering all of the free design advice I could get, but I could never get my site to look the way I envisioned it in my head. When I knew that it was time to do yet another website update, I wanted to cry at the thought of subjecting myself to the process again. The time. The effort. The frustration.

Enter Heather, the website wonder. From start to finish, she asked for and implemented my ideas, responded promptly to my questions and most importantly, helped me turn my boring old website and blog into a gorgeous, mobile-responsive business system. I highly recommend Heather for your website development and marketing needs.

Maureen Hanahoe

Health Coach,

I couldn’t be happier with the website Heather designed for me. When I first met her I didn’t really have a clear vision of what I wanted in my logo and website, but I knew I wanted people to think “That’s the coach I want to work with.” After going through some websites and logos to get some ideas, I decided to let her be creative and see what she came up with. The results were great and the designs reflected my business and personality.  I believe that many people want to get to know your business through your website before they even want to talk to you so it needs to be a good first impression. Heather also provided training so I can make changes myself going forward.   She is amazing and knows WordPress like a wiz. She is creative, quick and so much fun to work with, I highly recommend her for any business and I’m sure I will be using her again in the future.


Kate Crocco

Confidence & Lifestyle Coach,

Heather was such a blessing to work with. She has a natural talent for listening and understanding other peoples visions. I felt like she read my mind when designing the website. I gave her some ideas and she was able to transform those ideas into a site even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. She was very patient with me when asking question after question about how the website/wordpress works. She really has the gift of vision and web design and I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

Trudy Estes

In a short, introductory call, Heather convinced me (effortlessly, I might add) that she had the goods. She gave me more value, right up front, than I could possibly have imagined. She also had great ideas, not only for my website design, but for possible content, which she freely shared – along with numerous other resources to get me started developing a signature concept for my website. Working with Heather is like working with a best friend – who totally gets you – with an objective and professional perspective on what you’re trying to do. She’s a Word Press whiz, and fully understands the ins and outs of font selection, widget use, and other key website elements that can make or break your website visitor’s experience. She also understands the balance between listening and guidance, innovation and practicality. I’m so pleased with the final product, and the whole design experience. I know I’m lucky that I found Heather first, so I have a success story to tell. And a new friend.

Trudy Estes

Lisa Eaton

Mindset Strategist & Success Coach,

I was referred to Heather by a fellow therapist-turned-coach, and even from my initial call with Heather, I knew she was the one I wanted to trust with my ideas and my website. Being that this was my first experience working with a web designer, I had a ton of questions and didn’t know what to expect. From our first call and throughout our work together, Heather was super patient with my questions (and my many long-winded, bullet-pointed e-mails). I appreciated her kind, relaxing demeanor AND that she was willing to take the lead when I needed help with design choices or copy placement. Design is not my strong suit, so I was impressed that Heather was able to take my jumbled thoughts on what I wanted my website to look like and envision it for the both of us.   And it was super helpful to me that she took the stress out of setting up my Mail Chimp auto-responders.

Heather created a beautiful website that I could not be happier with. It looks and feels like ME! Heather was also great with responding to e-mails and kept our work moving on schedule. I would most certainly recommend Heather to friends and colleagues, and fully intend to continue working with her as my business grows!

Lisa Kroese

Author & Business Coach,

Heather did an amazing job reworking Estate Fusion for me. I am thrilled with the web design work she did, and am thrilled with the new site. She made so many sensible recommendations and she knew exactly what to do. Her sense of design is fantastic. I highly recommend her and will be a loyal customer.


Misty Totzke

Holistic Health Coach & Essential Oils Consultant,

Heather is absolutely incredible to work with! She’s extremely organized and timely, she really went the extra mile to make sure she was creating a website I absolutely loved (and I do!). I really appreciated all the attention to detail she put in and every time I emailed her to ask her a question or request a change, she had it done or answered in no time. I’m really excited to work more with her in the future!

Kate Guthrie

Handmade Natural Body Care,

I hired Heather to design my website after deciding that my own site was what was best for the new business that I was creating. I was extremely nervous about site design as I’m not the most technically savvy person.  I needed to feel safe, comfortable, and supported with whoever I chose to execute my vision. I needed someone who was not just technically skilled but who possessed great interpersonal skills. This is truly the reason I hired Heather.  From our first interview, she asked me questions that were not just technical in nature and that really helped me shaped my vision.  She was easy to talk to, admit where I was struggling, and ask for help without making me feel incompetent.

Heather really takes her work personally and  has no hesitation learning something new in order to deliver to her clients. Specifically, at the heart of what I wanted to offer my customers was the ability to create a custom product through an easy to fill out form. I had a very specific vision and Heather worked passionately to deliver what I wanted while still working within my budget.

Beyond her technical capabilities, Heather possesses a great understanding of marketing and gave me specific ideas on how to engage and interact with my target audience.  I felt like Heather had a a personal stake in my success and could really feel her cheering me on.

My final site reflects me and the brand that I am creating so well and I couldn’t be happier. No matter how many times I changed my mind, Heather was always there to execute for me and with me, provide constructive feedback and suggestions, and ensure that my goals were met.  Ultimately, Heather allowed me to get back to the business of my business.


Leah DeSouza Thomas

Health Coach

When you’re a mother of three, working full-time and trying to build a business, time is never on your side. Add to that the fact that creativity is not one of my biggest strengths and you get a sense of what I'm working with. I initially thought that getting the site up and live would just be about the web pages I wanted to create and had not fully appreciated all the interconnected pieces that needed to be included like my email service provider etc.

Heather made the process of developing my site incredibly painless. She took the various iterations of my idea and created a site that I love and am so pleased to show the world. Heather was beyond patient, bursting with creativity and full of amazing marketing nuggets. Thank you Heather you always said you wanted to make sure I was super happy with your work - mission accomplished!

Shawn Ankrom

The Ghost Scribe

I needed a ‘redefining launch’ to my content writing and website analysis business when Wise Owl Marketing and Heather Stephens swooped in to set me free from a stagnant point. Every business owner, especially a writer, can get stumped trying to push through to the next step. All the creative ideas and goals are in place, we just need that special someone to wisely guide us to the next step toward achieving a higher level of success. Thank you, Heather, for your wise strategy assessment and incredibly practical, straightforward guidance to put everything into practice.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 11.39.45 PM

Noor Pinna

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Coach

I just want to say a huge thank you to Heather! You are such a wonder! I love your bubbly voice! My mind is flowing with a lot of juice and I definitely have a sharper image of what I need to accomplish so thank you!

John Sala

Local Business Owner,

Working with Heather has been a great experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and great marketing ideas that is helping our business transform its image. Since our new Web has been launched we have been able to drop our advertising dollars and have had more positive results from customers due to our Web site.


Morgan Leu Parkhurst

Working with Heather has absolutely been one of the best decisions I've ever made! I can go into a strategy call feeling jumbled or overwhelmed, and with her optimistic, encouraging, spot-on guidance, I know I'll come out of our call ready to tackle my plans. I trust Heather and her decision-making skills because I know she has my best interests at heart. She also has a knack for identifying strategies I can implement for maximum impact. There's never pressure to do one thing or another, just wonderful clarity for ideas that will help me get where I want to go. Bottom line? Heather is fantastic!

Alison Georges

Y'all, I need to do a major shoutout to Heather C Stephens. She is beyond amazing! She has worked harder than most people I know to get my site just the way I want it, including redoing pieces of it because I decided I wanted a different color scheme. She is a saint, y'all! If you're looking for someone to do your website, look no further because she is your gal! ♥


Deborah L Hayes

The thought of creating a website for my brand and professional presence completely shut me down and yet it had to be done! I had zero idea where to begin this process and felt embarrassed at my lack of technical understanding. Relationship is important to me so I relied heavily on the stellar recommendation of a trusted friend for my web site developer which lead me to Heather Stephens of Wise Owl Marketing. My first call with Heather was a relaxing, supportive experience and Heather immediately dialed in to the concept and vision I was wanting to create. Not only is she a gifted web designer she is also well versed in marketing and taught me so much along the way, providing tremendous value. I can get easily frustrated when I don’t understand technical matters and Heather’s calm, positive and reassuring manner, along with her commitment to excellence in her work were precisely what I needed to accomplish my goals. I can highly recommend Heather Stephens of Wise Own Marketing for any web design project!

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