Website Maintenance & Security

Website Security and Maintenance

Taking a Chance in Business is Smart, Unless You're Talking About Website Security

If you haven't implemented regular WordPress maintenance and security you're gambling with your livelihood!

Have you ever paid for "just in case insurance" such as:

  • Replacement Insurance for Purchases?

  • AAA or Roadside Assistance?

  • Short or Long-Term Disability Insurance?

  • Home, Health, Life, & Auto Insurance?

  • Travel insurance?

  • Identity Theft Insurance?

Website maintenance and security is "just in case insurance" for your business.

If you've ever had a computer crash or a hard drive fail, you know the feeling of losing all your photos & documents.

Imagine what life would be like if your website was hacked or a plugin went haywire and broke your site. How many months worth of data would you lose? How many days would your business be out of commission? How many hours would you have to spend untangling the technical details? How much money would it cost to rebuild your site?

If the thought of being hacked or losing your website to a hard drive failure scares you, let us help!

Website hacks are a real risk.

They happen to thousands and thousands of business owners every day.

There is nothing out there that can make your site 100% hack-proof. Major corporations with huge website security departments get hacked all the time.

If your business is on the web, you're at risk. Period.

Your best defense is installing an SSL, web application firewall, scheduling frequent website/database backups and regular website file updates.

If you are a techno-wiz and can handle this stuff, consider this a friendly reminder to do a backup and malware scan daily! If you are unsure about how to do this, or nervous about making updates and changes to your site, I beg you to find someone to do it. In fact, I know the perfect person... 😉

Website Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is website maintenance and security important?

Staying on top of your website maintenance is like staying on top of the maintenance on your car; it protects your investment and protects the people using it. A site that is neglected won't perform well and is at greater risk of getting hacked and spreading malware across the web. Many sites are not recoverable after they are hacked, and the website owner may have to start from scratch to rebuild their site.

Why do hackers attack sites?

There are three main reasons that someone would want to hack a website. 

  1. They want to get access to data stored on your website, such as your content, user information, mailing list, credit card info, etc.
  2. They want to use your website to send spam email.
  3. They want to spread malicious information across the web that can infect other sites and people's computers.

Why is WordPress a target for hackers?

About 1/3 of all websites are powered by WordPress according to the stats published by Image credit:

WordPress is the Facebook of the website world. About 1/3 of all websites are powered by WordPress according to the stats published by If a hacker wants to spread malware or gain access to a bunch of information, hacking a large platform gives them more bang for their buck.

Another reason WordPress is a target is that it is open source software. Anyone can develop plugins or themes for WordPress which means there is a wide variance in the quality of the code used by WordPress owners. A poorly coded plugin (or an out of date plugin) is like an unlocked door inviting hackers in.

To help keep your site safe from hackers, we will keep your plugins up to date. We also keep an eye out for clients who may be using plugins with known vulnerabilities and suggest safer alternatives.

I'm just a small business with a small website? Am I at risk of getting hacked?

If your business is online, you are at risk. Unfortunately, you may be at even greater risk than a larger business. Most small businesses don't have a security team and cutting edge technology to protect themselves against a hack or cyber attack. 

How can I keep my website safe?

Keeping your site, plugins, and theme updated is one of the best things you can do to make it harder for hackers to break in. There are also some other security measures you should implement, like hiding your login dashboard and blocking people or bots who attempt to log in multiple times in a short timeframe. And most importantly, backing up your site files and database daily to an off site location not on your server so that if you were to be hacked or your server were to fail, your site could be re-published on a new server in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. 

What do your maintenance packages include?

All of our packages include the following maintenance services

  • Website security audit and implement recommended security settings for your specific needs
  • Hosting and a Free SSL
  • Daily website backups to the cloud not your server
  • WordPress, plugins and theme updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Malware scans using industry security leader, Scuri
  • Database optimization to protect your website's speed and efficiency
  • Website restoration and migrations
  • Consultation & advice about your site

What if I need more help with my website?

We offer several packages that include website maintenance plus extra website support each month. We can efficiently handle most website related services for you. Services may include content changes, adding blog posts, adding new landing pages, updating packages, adding products, etc.

How are payments made?

You have two options when purchasing a maintenance package, a month-to-month subscription or a yearly subscription which gives you 2 months free. Your credit card will be charged each month or each year when your subscription is due to renew.

Will I be locked into a contract?

For most situations, you are not locked into a contract with our maintenance packages. We only ask for one month's notice to be able to remove your site from our dashboard and stop your automatic payments. (We pay monthly for each site on the monitoring software we use.) The only exception is if your site has been hacked in the past, we may recommend a web application firewall to protect you. If this is the case we contract with a firewall company on your behalf. They lock us into a 6 month contract, so we request that you stay 6 months as well. 

What's the next step?

Choose the monthly or yearly package you prefer. We will then send you a link to purchase your maintenance package on our website ( After you purchase your subscription we will add your site to our dashboard and immediately start your first full backup before making any updates or changes to your site. 

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