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Taking a Chance in Business is Smart
Unless Your Talking About Website Security!

If you haven't implemented regular WordPress maintenance and security you're gambling with your livelihood!

Have you ever paid for "just in case" insurance such as:

Website maintenance and security is "just in case insurance" for your business.

If you've ever had a computer crash or a hard drive fail, you know the feeling of losing all your photos & documents.


What would you do if your website was hacked or a plugin went haywire and broke your site? You could be out of business for days and lose months worth of data you cannot afford to be without! Not to mention how much time you would have to spend untangling the technical details and how much money it would cost you to rebuild your site.

  • Replacement Insurance for Purchases?

  • AAA or Roadside Assistance?

  • Short or Long-Term Disability Insurance?

  • Home, Health, Life, & Auto Insurance?

  • Travel insurance?

  • Identity Theft Insurance?

If the thought of being hacked or losing your website to a hard drive failure scares you, let us help!

Website hacks are a real risk.

They happen to thousands and thousands of business owners every day.


There is nothing out there that can make your site 100% hack-proof. Major corporations with huge website security departments get hacked all the time.


If your business is on the web, you're at risk. Period.


Your best defense is installing an SSL, web application firewall, scheduling frequent website/database backups and regular website file updates.


If you are a techno-wiz and can handle this stuff - consider this a friendly reminder to do a backup and malware scan daily! If you are unsure about how to do this, or nervous about making updates and changes to your site, I beg you to find someone to do it. In fact, I know the perfect person... 😉

Website Kit Includes Hosting, Maintenance & Security

 Let us maintain & protect your WordPress investment so you can focus on your business!

Here's how we can help...

Our website maintenance & security packages include:

  • Frequent Backups

    We will perform regular & thorough backups of your site files and database so that your WordPress website may be fully restored in minutes, in the event of a loss. All backups are stored in the cloud, not on your server.

  • Malware Scans

    We will perform daily malware scans using industry security leader, Scuri integration to assure that your site doesn’t have anything malicious on it. Malware removal, if detected will be an additional charge at $175 per hour.

  • Database Optimization

    We will optimize your database to maximize your website speed and efficiency. This is similar to the process of defragmenting your computer to increase it's performance.

  • Free SSL

    If your website is hosted by us, we include a free Let's Encrypt SSL

  • Site Restoration & Website Migrations

    If something bad happens we will restore your WordPress site from a backup at no charge. If you would like to move to one of our maintenance packages that includes hosting, we'll migrate your site for free.

  • Optional Upgrade: Monthly Support

    30+ Minutes per month of ongoing support for website tweaks, updates or additions.

  • WordPress Updates

    We will safely update WordPress core, plugins and themes, and support upgrade compatibility to ensure your site stays online. I offer up to 1 hour of compatibility support. If we can’t fix it within that time, we will rollback to your latest update and contact you with recommendations.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    There is no hosting company that can guarantee 100% uptime. But if your site were to go down, your business would stop running. We’ll email you a notification if your site goes offline. We will also help you troubleshoot with your hosting company to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Consultation & advice

    Need help choosing a plugin or have a question about your site? We’re here for you!

  • Security Audit & Implementation

    Protect your site against hackers from gaining access to your site. We will perform a security audit on your website and implement recommended security settings for your specific needs.

  • Optional Upgrade: Website Hosting

    We can take care of all your website hosting needs with our high-speed, secure hosting, free SSL and more...

  • Optional Upgrade: Web Application Firewall

    Speed up & secure your site! Adding a CDN can make your website twice as fast plus protect it from online threats.

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