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Russ Thornton is the founder of He is a financial advisor who helps affluent women who find themselves suddenly in charge of their money. He came to me because his blog needed to be reworked so it would better grow his email list and attract his ideal client.

The challenge:

Russ is an amazing blogger, but his content wasn’t showcased in a way that really highlighted the quality of the services he provided. He didn’t have a clear visitor journey mapped out. And his site wasn’t set up to drive traffic to schedule an appointment or subscribe to his newsletter.

The goal:

  • Create a mobile responsive website & marketing funnel that grows Russ’ email list, highlights his services, & will eventually sell courses, digital products, and possibly a membership.
  • Russ wanted a marketing strategy that included an overall marketing funnel that increased conversion and provided a better flow.
  • The feeling he was after with his sight was, high class, warm, welcoming, friendly, safe, trustworthy, educational, practical and inspiring.

In order to accomplish Russ’s goals, we put him in touch with to create content that spoke to the heart of his client. We chose imagery that would allow his visitors to relate to him and his services. The graphic elements were chosen to relate to the upscale client he serves. His color choices were deliberate: Navy to build trust, softened for a slightly feminine (but not “girly”) feel with curved sections and lighter blue & green accent colors.

The logo was designed to highlight the word Care in WealthCare for Women.

Russ has created so many awesome resources for his visitors, subscribers, and clients, so adding a resource page to encourage downloads was also a must.

The results:

Russ Thornton Wealthcare for Women Website Redesign

“After searching, identifying and interviewing more than a dozen web professionals to help with my website redesign, I’m glad to have found Heather and Wise Owl Marketing. Not only is Heather an experienced designer, she brings a lot of marketing know-how to the table and provided a lot of strategic advice about how to use my website and online presence to further my business goals. Not only do I have a great looking website, but it’s helping me grow my email list, schedule phone calls with potential clients and more. If you need help with your website or online marketing, you need to talk to Heather.”

Russ Thornton – Financial Advisor


See the Before & After of

Financial Advisor Website Redesign Before
Wealthcare for Women Website Redesign Before
Financial Advisor Website Redesign After
Wealthcare for Women Website Redesign After

Check out Russ’ Style Guide:

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