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Welcome to my go-to list of favorite tools and resources for marketing your businesses. This list was built throughout my many years of working in website design and online marketing. For every item on this list, there were dozens of others I’ve tried and didn’t find value. These tools will save you time and countless headaches in the process of building your business.

Please note that most of the products I'm listing are free, but there are some paid products with affiliate links on this page. At no cost to you, the company may give me a referral commission if you purchase through these links as a thank you for sending them your business. I will never share a product just because of the commission I may earn.

The Very Best Marketing Resource: MORE TIME!

There is one more resource I’d love to give you, and that is TIME! I know first-hand how hard it is to market your business when you’re busy running it. If you need help with your website design, marketing, SEO, or social media, let's chat!


Happy Marketing & Enjoy!
Heather Stephens

Our Favorite Marketing Resources

These are the tools we recommend to help you grow your business faster and manage it easier. These are the exact same marketing resources I use in my own business and the tools I recommend to my clients.

  • Automate Your Scheduling

    Make it easy for your potential clients and paying clients to book appointments with you. I like this tool especially, because it allows me to redirect people to a new URL after they book their appointment.

  • Turn Subscribers Into Clients with Email Marketing Automation

    Boost conversion and get more clients by giving you subscribers personalized messages based on actions they've taken. This is the tool I recommend to all my clients!

  • Manage Your Clients, Proposals, Invoices, Contracts & More

    Boost conversion and get more clients by giving you subscribers personalized messages based on actions they've taken. You can even create awesome client portals with this tool!

  • Brand Your Email

    Having the ability to create emails is essential to any professional business. This is the only tool I recommend to do this.

  • Website Hosting

    Not all hosting companies are created equal, but this one is affordable, reliable and their customer service is amazing! It's what I use for all of my clients and my own sites.

  • Pay Your Employees

    Managing payroll can be painful unless you're using this tool! This makes paying all my employees a 10-minute task, and the payroll tax stuff is handled automagically.

  • Host Webinars & Face to Face Video Chats

    This is one of those tools that is open on my computer ALL the time. I use it to meet with prospects, clients, hold webinars, and record video training, etc. 

  • Send a Video Instead of Typing

    This tool allows you to send quick videos to anyone. It is currently a chrome extension but they're releasing a desktop tool soon. (I can't wait!) It also integrates with everything, like email, project management tools, slack, etc. 

  • Send Branded and Personalized Video Messages with Calls to Action

    Boost conversion rates by sending a video of you to personally welcome new subscribers, thank new clients, or invite leads to check out a new product with this tool! 

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