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Sarah Austin Bailey clearly owns the BEST domain name for a love coach on the internet: HowDoYouMakeLove.com. She was like many, of my clients who come to me with an idea & a dream, looking for help to bring it to life.

The first time I spoke with Sara, she knew she was ready for a more professional website, but she wasn’t 100% clear on what she wanted.  The beginning of our website design discovery had nothing to do with fonts, colors, or layouts. We spent several hours of a few weeks defining Sarah’s niche, getting to know her ideal client, and planning out her packages. Once Sara was clear on her marketing, we pushed quickly into design concepts.

Sara’s sense of style was eclectic, to say the least. Part of her was drawn to the rich colors and designs from Indian wedding gowns, henna designs, and opulent gold gilded castles. The other side of Sara was high-class, clean, metropolitan design with an artistic flair. Knowing her audience, her niche, and her domain name, I suggested she go with the sexy red.

With red roses as our inspiration, we built her website on the on the Genesis Framework with the child theme, Divine, by Restored 316 Designs. We did a lot of customizing on Sara’s pages to get the exact look she was after.

I have to say we worked together like a match made in heaven. Sara and I continue to work together on her marketing strategy.

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Home Page

How Do You Make Love Homepage


Project Scope Included:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • WordPress Website
  • Genesis & customized child theme
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Plugins
  • Automated subscription
  • Automated blog RSS
  • Email Autoresponder Setup
  • Social Channel Integration
  • Social Channel Branding

Praise from Sara:

Hi, there! I am Sara, and I am a love coach and energy healer. I see, feel, and sense energies in order to help clients develop deeper awareness, heal from past hurt, and ultimately find love—in partnership and in their own hearts. One of my intuitive skills is being able to manifest precisely what I’m looking for, sometimes well before I even know I’m looking for it. I knew I had found a pot of gold when I wandered onto the Wise Owl Marketing site. I hadn’t been looking for a web designer that day, but something tugged me toward this page. And I could not look away.

Until that point I had been struggling to share who I am and what I do with the world. For about a year I had been working in a small, niche market, only seeing a few clients, and not at all marketing my services. After leaving a successful career in another industry, I felt happy to finally be doing work that I loved. But something deep within me was not yet satisfied. I knew that I could do more for more people if I could just find a way to reach them. But I wasn’t sure I was even ready to reach them. I mean, who am I to say, “This is love”?

I didn’t know how to message my unique approaches to energy, spirituality, love and relationship in a way that was “palatable” to online audiences. I didn’t want ego or the potential for judgment (real or perceived) to interfere with Truth. Some days I wrangled with all the paradoxes and puzzles inherent in this task. Some days I just ignored the issue and the insistence of inner voices urging me to find and be what is Real. The toned-down, trying-to-please-everyone way that I was trying to represent myself and share my approaches on my website was not at all something I was proud of. I was unable to reach the clients who needed my services because I was just too shy to speak up and share my ideas and aptitudes.

That is the backdrop to the day I found Heather. I saw her site, and I could feel the power and potential of her work coursing through my entire field. My hands were shaking as I typed out an inquiry into her online form. I wasn’t yet sure this was the right time to be making a new site, but I had a feeling that I would know more once I had a chance to talk with Heather.

Unbelievably, Heather had a chance to hop on the phone with me in the next few minutes. I shared with her my reservations and frustrations. And she listened. She heard me, and she understood not just what I was saying, but why. Heather saw me inside my context. She didn’t try to “sell” me something, but instead she led me to see where I was missing pieces of the puzzle, and how working with her could help fill those gaps. She didn’t tell me. She showed me—by asking me questions, buy answering mine. I knew then, without a doubt, that I was in the right place and with the right web designer on my team.

Over the course of the 6 months we have worked together, Heather has continued to astound me. Of course she has extensive knowledge of web-design, marketing and SEO. I would expect anyone doing this work to. The thing that puts Heather in a league beyond others is that she is interested in knowing who I am and what I want to do in this world in order that she can create a site that is in full alignment with that. In order that she can advise me on the best ways to market in alignment with that. Heather doesn’t spend time learning about her clients as a means to an end. She does it because she cares. Heather’s ability to see me and to help me see me even more deeply is a true gift. It is evident in every exchange, even the simplest text or email to check on something. How do I know?? I can feel her energy, even in the words she sends. And because of Heather and our work together, I am not shy about saying it.

Our gifts are what make us who we are. They are links to deeper knowing and richer connection with one another and to the entire web of life. Heather can help you see and shine your gifts in ways you may have never before even dared to imagine. She can guide you there, and show you all that you are made of. And, along with that, she can make you a fabulous website.

-Sara Austin Bailey – Love Coach & Energy Expert

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