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Our Latest Project

A few weeks ago, Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead came to me and asked I could help them put their brand new book, Does the Shoe Fit, up on their website. After digging in a little deeper, I uncovered several struggles with their old site. Their existing shopping cart was limiting. Bulk ordering was a “bulky” process, limiting the number of books that could be ordered to 50, and requiring international clients to message TheFlipFlopCEO for shipping charges.

Check out the project & see how I was able to help them make their Flip Flop CEO lifestyle of “planning your work around your life rather than your life around your work!” a reality!

eCommerce & Membership Websites

Are you looking for a way to turn what you know into dough? If you've got a product to sell, information to teach, or a tribe to lead - an eCommerce or membership site is just what you need!

 Author & Speaker Websites

Let's build or uplevel your platform so you can make a bigger impact and income sharing your knowledge with others through your speaking and/or writing!

WordPress Blog Design 

Welcome, word nerds! Blogging is in your blood. You are a master at crafting stories that engage, empower, educate, and excite. Does your website do the same?

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