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Happy New Year!

It’s so easy to feel hyped up with lots of hope this time of year. 2018 is a blank slate full of possibilities. We can do anything we set our minds to, right?

I’m looking back at 2017 as an amazing year of growth for Wise Owl Marketing. I doubled my revenue, income, and blew way past my goals I set back in January.

The downside is this past year started off requiring a TON of hard work. The first part of the year’s success can be attributed to hustle and grit. My intentions were set and I was bound and determined to make them happen.

But I hit burnout. I was sick, overtired, and struggled with work/family balance. In June I decided enough was enough. I decided I HAD to put my business on the schedule with my clients. I built my funnel in July and turned on my Facebook Ads at the end of the month.

In August, September, and October I more than tripled my average monthly sales. I slowed things down again for November & December by scaling back my ad spend so I could get caught up on all the work. But that’s the beauty of a marketing funnel! You can adjust the flow of leads when you need them.

Now every funnel is different and obviously, I can’t say everyone will experience the same rate of growth. But setting up a funnel that drives traffic to your site, which captures them as subscribers and, and nurtures them to schedule an appointment with you should make a pretty big impact on your business.

The number of leads you can get from hustling is limited.

There’s only so much we can do with hustle and grit because there is a limit on our time, energy, and stamina. Burnout is WAY too prevalent in the world of online marketing.

HUSTLE is an enemy. It robs us of restful sleep, self-care, and happy relationships. It steals the freedom we’re seeking and leaves us feeling empty. It’s never satiated. Hustle always wants more.

Hitting your goal of $10K, $20K, or $30K per month isn’t going to feel good if it means you’re working yourself to the bone to do it.

I am on a mission to help us all redefine HUSTLE from hard work to Happy Un-Stressed, Time Leveraged Entrepreneur.

Why did you start your business?

I think many of us start a business because we crave more FREEDOM in our lives. But we end up slaves to our businesses working twice as much as we did in our full-time jobs. The reason is that we’re doing TWO jobs! We’re doing the work for the services we provide, and we wear the hats for marketing and managing our businesses as well.

Instead of burning the candle at both ends of the stick, may I suggest you set up systems that can do the hustling for you?

Setting up a client attraction system will save you time while it does the heavy lifting of marketing for you, attracting leads, and nurturing them until they’re ready to become clients.

Is trying to DIY your systems the right choice for you?

The hard part is that systems are not always easy to set up. They can be extremely frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you’re using the wrong tools.

I’m working with a coaching client now who has been trying to DIY a funnel using a popular website builder. She hired me because she didn’t know what she needed to set up her funnel and she wanted me to consult with her on the project.

The farther she digs into the process the more dead-ends she finds.

She can’t add custom event tracking to specific pages to track conversions on her Facebook ads. It’s not possible to redirect people to a new page after opting in. There is no way to embed her opt-in form from her email service. Nor is there a way to customize the check-out process for her upcoming event.

This client is an extremely savvy businesswoman who is caught in a tough situation of not having the right tools for the job. When I spoke with her this past week, I could hear the frustration and discouragement in her voice. She’s spent every waking hour trying to make this thing work and it’s not going to do everything she needs it to do.

Instead of taking away the need to hustle, her system is adding more hustle and stress to her life.

Now let’s talk about the opportunity costs of not having a lead generation system or taking a long time to DIY one…

What are you missing out on without having an optimized client attraction system? Let’s say you have a product or service that’s $300. (I’m sure most of you in the coaching and consulting industries are around 10x that, but I want to show you a conservative scenario.)

And let’s conservatively estimate that you have 1 more sale per week than you had without it.

$300 x 52 weeks = $15,600

In one year you’re missing out on $15,600 in sales for a $300 product, estimating that you’re only getting 1 more sale per week.

A $7000 website and marketing funnel with tons of bells and whistles would pay for itself at least two times in that year.

“A year from now you’ll wish you started today.”

You’ve heard the quote I’m sure, but looking back at this past year in my business I’m so glad I made the effort when I did. I’m making about $100 for every $1 I spend on Facebook and my business growth is 100% in my control.

How would you feel if you finally had a steady stream of leads coming into your business? What would change if you suddenly had a waiting list of clients? Your goals for 2018 are possible.

I’d love to help you make it happen!

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