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How to Connect Your Domain Email to Gmail

Streamline Your Communication and Save Time!

Today’s post is a click by click tutorial to show you how to connect your cPanel domain based email to your Gmail account. Having a name@yourdomain.com email will help you to look more professional in your business. It also is necessary if you’re using an email newsletter account like MailChimp to increase deliverability of your newsletters. But…

Freedom from Things You're Tolerating in Life and Business

Declare Your Independence

Freedom from the Things You're Tolerating in Life & Business!

Happy Independence Day! As those of us in the US this week celebrate our freedom and independence I raise my glass and toast to you. Here’s to the coaches, consultants, and passionate entrepreneurs out there who are on a mission to make the world a better place while declaring independence from unfulfilling jobs, financial struggle,…

What is your budget? Handling the Budget Question with Clients

What is Your Budget?

How to Handle the Budget Conversation with Potential Clients

Are you ready to discover an easy process to handle the “budget conversation,” get paid what you’re worth, and to help your potential clients make a decision to buy or not to buy? Here’s the struggle one of my clients recently posted in a Facebook group we both are a part of: “I’ve got my…

Getting Paid - How to accept credit card payments from clients

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Paid Online

How to Accept Credit Card Payments from Clients

Getting paid seems like it should be a simple thing, but it’s one of the most confusing parts of doing business for new entrepreneurs. There are many options that range from accepting old-school checks to an eCommerce website that includes the option of selling subscriptions. This is great because it can create a nice stream of…


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