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Free Pictures for Your Social Media, Blog Posts & Email Marketing

free pictures free photos free images for marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. They are also worth thousands of dollars to businesses that leverage their power on social media! Posts on Twitter containing images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. Facebook brand posts with images account for 87% of total interactions. (Source: Beware! Grabbing any…

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Free Printable! 2018 Marketing Planner

Wealthy & Wise Marketing Planner

Download your free 2018 Marketing Planner in today’s post so you can start running your business and stop letting it run you! My intentions were to send you this at the end of 2017, but life happened.  So please forgive the tardiness of this post. I realize most marketers have been pounding the pavement with “new…

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Let’s Make 2018 Awesome with More Leads & Less Hustle

Website Design & Marketing - Wise Owl Marketing - Heather Stephens

Happy New Year! It’s so easy to feel hyped up with lots of hope this time of year. 2018 is a blank slate full of possibilities. We can do anything we set our minds to, right? I’m looking back at 2017 as an amazing year of growth for Wise Owl Marketing. I doubled my revenue,…

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How Marketing Automation Simplifies Life & Why You Need It Now

Marketing Automation

Have you procrastinated setting up marketing automation in your business? Spoiler alert – you’ll want to stop dragging your feet after you read today’s post. Can you imagine living life without many of the conveniences we take for granted today, like dishwashers, on-demand TV, and wifi? I was given a reminder of how “good we’ve…

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