How Marketing Automation Simplifies Life & Why You Need It Now

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Have you procrastinated setting up marketing automation in your business? Spoiler alert – you’ll want to stop dragging your feet after you read today’s post.

Can you imagine living life without many of the conveniences we take for granted today, like dishwashers, on-demand TV, and wifi? I was given a reminder of how “good we’ve got it” this past week when our garage door broke. It was a fairly minor repair, but until it was fixed, it was a major inconvenience.

After living with the convenience of a garage door opener for decades, you’d have a REALLY hard time convincing me to live without one. Having to get out of the car in the snow, rain or cold dark night to open the door. Getting back into the car to pull it in. Nope.

But I spent years without a garage door opener, thinking it would be nice to have, but it wasn’t worth the money.

You may feel the same way about marketing automation. Someday you’d like to have it, but I may not feel like it’s worth the hassle & expense. Or maybe you don’t think your business is ready for it yet. But I’d bet, after having it for a while, you’ll wish you hadn’t resisted.

Not automating your marketing is making your life harder than it needs to be, and is holding you back in your business.

What a Simple Marketing Automation System Looks Like for a Coach:

I was walking a client, who is a success & confidence coach, through her new website and lead generation funnel on Friday, showing her how it worked.

  1. One person opts in on the website and then they are taken to this confirmation page. At the same time, they’ll receive a welcome email and then get dropped into a nurture sequence that invites them to book a call.
  2. If they click to the “schedule an appointment page” we’ll tag them so we can check to see if they successfully booked an appointment.
  3. If they did schedule a time, they’ll get an email sending them to an application.  If they didn’t schedule they’ll get an email that asks them if they had any trouble or questions.
  4. After they fill out the application they’ll be automatically added to her sales CRM and we’ll send them an email thanking them for booking, with a link to a free Starbucks drink they can enjoy before their call. Etc…

She was blown away that all of this would happen in the background without her having to lift a finger.

Like the magic of the garage door opener – marketing automation just made her life easier. She’ll save hours of time, her potential clients will have a great experience with her before she ever picks up the phone. Her business is going to grow because of it.

Yours can too!

What tools do you need to set up a marketing automation system?

Setting up marketing automation in your business is easier than it ever has been! Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

  • A website that is focused on conversion, turning visitors into subscribers.
  • Email marketing tool, (I recommend Active Campaign) to capture that email and send them messages. Use a program that sorts leads based on tags, not lists.
  • An appointment scheduler so your clients can pick their time. (I use Schedule Once in my business.)
  • Zapier account – This is a free app that allows you to help other programs talk to each other.
  • A sales CRM that will allow you to create workflows, like delivering an email with a Starbucks code in it to your new lead. (I use Dubsado.)

How it all works together:

Add your Active Campaign forms to your landing pages on your website.

Create 3 automation series in Active Campaign: one to send out your lead magnet, one to check to see if someone has scheduled (that sends them the application email or the here’s the link to book again email), and an ongoing nurture campaign.

Use Zapier to connect Scheduled Once to Active Campaign and add a tag when someone schedules.

Create your application in your CRM and use Zapier to add a tag that they completed an application.

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