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Health Coach Website Redesign

Health Coach, Kerin Briscese, wanted to uplevel her online presence. She wanted a website that looked as sexy as she helps her clients look and feel!

The challenge:

Kerin had worked with a couple of other designers in the past and she was nervous about working with anyone. She had in mind the look she was after but the other designers she had worked with were not able to capture it accurately. After looking at my portfolio, Kerin was concerned because she didn’t see a site I’d designed that was similar to what she wanted to create. It’s a common issue for potential clients since the sites I have designed are to satisfy my client’s tastes and everyone’s different. I reassured her that I understood her goals and could help her reach them.

The goal:

  • The objective was to create a mobile responsive website & marketing funnel that will grow Kerin’s email list, highlight her services, & sell her coaching packages, courses, digital products, and a membership.
  • Kerin’s audience lives in a metropolitan city. They are women with powerful careers and lives they love. They expect quality and won’t settle for anything but the best, so her branding and website had to represent that.
  • Kerin wanted a high-key website with gorgeous font combinations. She wanted neutral colors to showcase her photos. Her site had to feel upscale, clean, classy, and sexy. She wanted her visitors to feel powerful, inspired, and like they could take on the world.

Even though Kerin came to me for a website redesign, we decided to start with a clean slate. We built her site element by element exactly to her taste. We created custom navigation styling, a new logo, font pairings, and animated text. It all highlighted Kerin’s gorgeous images, and copywriting from Kerin’s site one of my favorites, for sure! Beyond looks, the back-end of Kerin’s site is just as sexy – with a gorgeous membership site, video library, recipe section, drag & drop visual editor for easy changes and more! We took the styling and branding beyond her site to designing her ebook and membership bonuses as well as social media elements like Instagram templates, Social Media Banners & more!

The results:

Kerin Briscese Website Design Client“I came to Heather on a recommendation.  I had worked with 2 other web designers in the past and had been highly disappointment both times. I felt like they had no creativity and as a very creative person I was getting very irritated trying to explain what I wanted and having 0 control on making the situation better.  I saw what I wanted in my head, but when explaining it they just weren’t getting it.  Once I knew I was redoing my website (for the 3rd time) I did my research! I ended up getting 3 referrals all that came highly regarded.  It was a tough decision but there was something about Heather’s thoroughness from our very first call that I just had a feeling she would really get me. Since working with Heather I have the confidence in charging the prices I want to charge. I have no website shame and I really feel like the functionality and beauty of the website capture the level of my work. Because of this, I feel so much more comfortable sending out my information to prospective clients and other businesses that I partner with. If you are wondering if you should work with Heather, let me help you. DO IT! She is unbelievably patient, thorough, has an amazingly creative eye and hears what YOU say.  You won’t be disappointed!” Kerin Briscese, Health Coach

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See the Before & After of

Health Coach Website Redesign: Before

HauteFitnessHealth – Before Website Redesign

Health Coach Website Redesign

HauteFitnessHealth – After Website Redesign

Check out Kerin’s Style Guide:

Health Coach Website Style Guide

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