Marketing Funnels

Sales and Lead Generation Funnels to Turn Social Media Users into Visitors & Clients

The reason you need a marketing funnel can be summed up in one word:

The whole reason you have a website is to get clients. But most people (about 98%) won't be ready to buy the minute they learn about your business. They need more time before they're ready to buy.

A funnel is a step by step journey of website pages and emails that move prospects through the 5 stages of the buying process.

  1. Unaware of your business. (May also be unaware that they have a problem or a need.)
  2. Becoming aware of your services through your content or a Facebook ad.
  3. Developing an increasing interest in what you offer.
  4. Researching their purchase options.
  5. Deciding to purchase and become a client.

What are conversions?

Each step of your funnel will have a goal or desired action you want your visitor to take. This desired action is called a conversion.

For example, the first conversion may be to get someone to click a link in an ad on Facebook and go to your landing page. The second step of your funnel's conversion goal might be to have that visitor give you their email. The third might be getting them to schedule a call with you. The fourth conversion might be to get them to show up for the call...and so on.

How does a funnel give me leverage?

Marketing funnels allow you to leverage your time because your website copy and emails lead your visitors through these conversions for you while you're busy doing other things.

Facebook ads offer a "set it and forget it" approach to generating traffic to your funnel, giving you even more leverage. Each converting ad and funnel is like another high performing salesperson bringing you one lead after the next.

Here is an example of how a lead funnel moves
your prospect through the buying process.


Step 1: Unaware

Traffic Source: Potential clients will learn about what you offer through social media, such as a paid ad on Facebook or post that you shared. When they click on that ad or piece of content, they will be taken your website's landing page.


Step 2: Aware

Lead Magnet Landing Page: Entice visitors to give you their email by offering them a free resource that solves a problem they have.


Step 3: Interested

Nurture Email Campaign: Follow up with your new leads with a series of emails that share additional helpful information and invite them to book an appointment.

Thank You Page: At the same time as they are added to your nurture email campaign, your prospects will be taken to a Thank You Page. Here you will give them their lead magnet and invite them to book a call with you.


Step 4: Researching / Information Gathering

Schedule Page: Embed a link to your appointment scheduler on a page of your website. You will give your prospects a link to this page in your nurture emails and on the thank you page with their lead magnet.

Optional Application: You may wish to ask your visitors to fill out an application to qualify them as an ideal client before your call.


Step 5: Decision to Purchase

Phone Call: If you determine that your client and you are a match for each other on the call, invite them to purchase your services.

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