Declare Your Independence

Freedom from the Things You're Tolerating in Life & Business!

Freedom from Things You're Tolerating in Life and Business

Happy Independence Day! As those of us in the US this week celebrate our freedom and independence I raise my glass and toast to you. Here’s to the coaches, consultants, and passionate entrepreneurs out there who are on a mission to make the world a better place while declaring independence from unfulfilling jobs, financial struggle, limited vacation days, and the difficult task of juggling family and a demanding career.

If you’ve successfully gone out on your own, congratulations! Cheers to your success so far!

Even if you’ve declared freedom from your 9 to 5, I also want to challenge you to think about the other things in your life that you need to declare your independence from. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we can get so caught up in doing the work that we forget to look up and around us to see what else needs attention.

So let’s use this time to do a little self-reflection and refocus on achieving freedom in more areas of our lives for the second half of the year.

Here are some things you might be tolerating that need some attention in the coming months…

Your Health, Relationships & Mindset:

  • Scattered focus in business and life
  • Not sleeping enough, not eating healthily enough, and not getting enough exercise
  • Feeling guilty when you’re working because you’re not with your family and worrying about your business when you are with your family.
  • Sitting too much
  • Needing to pray and or meditate more frequently
  • Time with your significant other (maybe a regular date night or vacation)
  • Quality time with your children
  • Fears and blocks to overcome
  • Limiting beliefs and self-doubt that hold you back
  • Lack of a mindset routine

Your Work:

  • Working too many hours per week
  • Struggling with feast and famine in your cash flow
  • Being overwhelmed with too much to do
  • Technical overwhelm and confusion
  • Not having steady enough work to hire someone to help
  • Spending long days and late nights glued to your laptop
  • Not having enough leads and clients
  • Skills you know you need to learn but you’ve been putting them off
  • Your website that no longer matches the quality of services you provide
  • Products you need to get out of your head to create some much-needed passive and/or recurring revenue
  • Systems you need to create to gain some much needed time and peace

Your Home and/or WorkSpace:

  • Struggling to keep your home tidy when you’re working from home
  • Outdated computer equipment that desperately needs upgrading
  • A workspace that is cluttered or not conducive to focused work
  • Needing to hire or recruit help for around the house
  • Lack of a schedule to plan and prepare meals
  • Car, appliances, or home that needs replacing, repaired or upgraded
  • A cluttered home that doesn’t rejuvenate your spirit or make you want to invite others in
  • Debt and financial struggle

Think about the things you’re tolerating in your business and use this week to make a list and a plan to declare your independence.

Freedom is calling, my friends! Happy 4th!

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