Planning a Brand Photo Session

Brand Photo Session

Photography is pretty important, not just for your brand, but for your target audience. Why? Because most people view photos first and text second. Photography is one of the best investments you will make for your business and it’s a reflection of you. Here are some things to consider when planning a brand photo session.

Your Images Will be the First Thing Your Audience Views

  • Headshots
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Blog content
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Any printed materials (brochures, business cards, postcards)

The kinds of images used throughout your social media and branding presence will say a lot about you and so you want to make it clear to your photographer (if you hire one) what your goal is.  SIDENOTE: If you hire a professional photographer it is extremely important that you not only have a contract, but that your contract states what you are allowed to do with these images. Will you need copyrights? Maybe. Will you need specific usage rights? Yes. 

Spotlight Your Brand

Having professional photos helps spotlight your brand and brings a level of professionalism about you and what you are offering. Sharing candid/casual images are fine on social media, but you’ll want your website to be more professional.

Things to Consider About Your Images


  • Where will your session take place? They should be cohesive and flow together

Create a list of shots you want

  • Standing, sitting, working, etc.
  • You and your photographer should go through a list of what you envision for your brand photo session. Do you need landscape or portrait photos? Would you be adding text to your photos? You will need some negative space to accommodate it

Determine what props you will need

Brand Photo Props
  • What is it that you do and what is your product? Will you want a computer, a book, or something else in your images?
  • Location (your photographer may have some ideas and can help you with this)
  • Outside, on a stage, a coffee shop, or your own home can showcase a variety of images


Brand photo outfits
  • Plan all of your outfits including accessories
  • Avoid small stripes as they can moiré in your images
  • What color palette do you want to use?
  • Think about incorporating your brand color
  • Showcase your personality
  • Showcase your product! ( THIS IS IMPORTANT! I can’t stress this enough. Be sure to include what it is that you are selling to your audience)

Hair & Makeup?       

Brand photo hair and makeup
  • You may be great at doing your own hair and makeup but some photographers will include it in their package. Above all, you want to be relaxed and look and feel like yourself

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