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Easy Blogging Routine that Will Get You Leads

Plus 4 Questions About Blogging I Get Asked All the Time

Easy Blogging Routine

This past week I had THREE clients book quick strategy sessions with me. They all wanted to create a lead-generating blogging routine for their service-based businesses. It seems I hit a hot button with them when I published my Top 10 Reasons You Should Create A Blog Traffic Strategy a few weeks ago.

So in today’s post, I’m going to recap the easy blogging routine that I follow and what I taught my clients last week. But first, let’s talk about the 4 questions about blogging I get asked all the time!

Where Does My Blog Fit Into My Focused Marketing Strategy?

Think of your blog as the hub of your online marketing and your social channels as the spokes. Everything you post online should point back to your blog and website where people can subscribe to get your free lead magnet, schedule an appointment with you, and purchase your products. All of your social profiles should point back to your website. And from time to time you can invite your audience from one social network to another such as asking for reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.

The posts you create on your website and blog give you content to share with your social networks – keeping them rich with information and giving your followers a reason to visit your site.

easy blogging routine that gets clients


What Should I Blog About?

Have you created your signature system yet? If not, take a look at mine in the photo below to see a snapshot of what your signature system might look like.

I’m sure you could probably come up with 20 blog post topics inside of each step of your system! But let’s not get overwhelmed with too much content. I teach my clients to list out 5-10 blog post ideas for each step of their system. That should give you at least 6 months of blog posts topics if you’re posting weekly.

How Frequently Should I Post to My Blog?

The more you blog, the more content you have to share in social media. This will help you generate more traffic back to your site and boost your website’s search engine rankings. It will also create more opportunities to invite your readers to book a call with you and help you have valuable content to share in your email newsletters.

So the key to how frequently you should post to your blog is how frequently can you post and be consistent! If it’s twice a week, great. Once a week, great! Two times per month or monthly, great. Whatever you do, be consistent!

Here is My Easy Blogging Routine that will Get You Clients!

My blogging routine is to publish a post every Monday and then email it out to my list the following Wednesday. It gets added into my social media content library as well!

All of my posts invite my readers to work with me in some kind of way – whether it’s to subscribe to get my free cheat sheet, book an appointment, follow me in social media, etc. I am also very intentional to share topics that are of interest to my readers and fit into one of the steps of my signature system so they are relevant to what I do.

Easy Blogging Routine that Will Get You Clients

How Can I Leverage My Older Blog Content?

  • If you’ve created content that is evergreen – meaning it will still be relevant any time of year, you can share it to social media every couple of months or so. Use a plugin like Revive Old Post (Tweet Old Post).  I LOVE using MeetEdgar build up a library of old posts that can be recycled!
  • Linking between your blog posts can help you boost your SEO (it’s called deep linking) and it can help get some fresh traffic to those older posts.
  • Linking to your older posts when you’re guest posting is a great SEO strategy and can help you leverage that older blog content.
  • Repurpose your content into videos, infographics, podcasts, lead magnets, online courses, etc.
  • Add your older blog posts into your ongoing email nurture sequence.
  • Don’t be afraid to update, rewrite and republish older content if it is still valuable information!

The Most Important Rule to Creating An Easy (BUT EFFECTIVE) Blogging Routine …

Have a reason you’re blogging! What is your goal from each piece of content?

So there you have it! That’s my easy blogging routine that fills my calendar on a consistent basis with quality leads!

Do you have a burning question about blogging, creating a lead generation funnel or how to get more clients for your service business?

Grab a spot on my calendar or leave a comment below!

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