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I’m so glad you’re here! Whether a previous client referred you, you saw me on social media, or you landed here through search, please make yourself at home!

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How we make our clients so happy they tell their friends about us...

We Focus on Marketing

"Not only is Heather an experienced designer, she brings a lot of marketing know-how to the table and provided a lot of strategic advice about how to use my website and online presence to further my business goals."

-Russ Thornton

We Pay Attention to Detail

"If you want to level up your website to start attracting your ideal clients in more powerful and effective ways, you will be blown away by the expertise, attention to detail and genuine care that Heather gives you. She truly goes above and beyond!"

-Celeste Frenette

We Provide Outstanding Service

"What truly set Heather apart from other web designers with whom I have worked in the past is her outstanding customer service."

- Alicia Robinson

We Love to Strategize and Share Marketing Ideas and Tips

"Working with Heather has been a great experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and great marketing ideas that is helping our business transform its image."

-John Sala

We Make Website Design Painless

"Heather made the process of developing my site incredibly painless. She was beyond patient, bursting with creativity and full of amazing marketing nuggets. Thank you Heather you always said you wanted to make sure I was super happy with your work - mission accomplished!"

-Leah DeSouza Thomas

We Listen, Learn & Teach

"You listened to what I wanted, you asked questions, you tweaked and you taught.  You managed to do all that AND be so patient with all my questions!!!  Now, I have this gorgeous website that so perfectly represents me and I LOVE IT!!!  Thank you so much!"

 -Anne Wade

Heather Stephens

Website Designer & Marketing Strategist

I am not just a web designer. I am a designer who has spent 10+ years traipsing through the Internet marketing trenches. I have a degree in fine art and have been practicing my WordPress wizardry for 6 years.

I have worked for multi-million dollar brands, small businesses, and creative entrepreneurs. I also have some serious expertise in lead generation, content marketing, social media & SEO.

A client once said I was like a web design swiss army knife (#allthetools) with marketing moxie. Another client said I was her Website Fairy Godmother - making her dreams come true.I specialize in beautiful websites and effective marketing systems that save time and make money.

I can’t cook. I can’t sing. And I have a knack of finding myself in hilarious embarrassing situations. I am goal focused, excited by a challenge and love figuring out how things work.

I am also a wife of 22 years and mom of 3 and I'm learning to play guitar with two of my kids and my husband.

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Heather's Design & Marketing Experience

Years of Graphic Design
Years of Email Marketing
Years of Blogging
Years of Social Media Mktg
Years of WordPress Design
Years of Search Optimization

FAQ About Heather & Wise Owl Marketing

How long have you been in business?

Wise Owl Marketing was started in May of 2016. I was on a mission to find a way to use my skills to make a difference for others and to be able to stay home with my 3 kids.

Who Makes Up the Wise Owl Marketing Team? 

I am the main plate spinner here at Wise Owl Marketing, but I have lots of help from my family! My oldest daughter, Jocelynn, is Director of POP: Productivity Organization and Pearls. She helps me stay organized, create marketing content for clients, test sites, etc. She also wears pearls...every day. My husband, Wes, is a key player in my business, helping me to make big decisions and pushing me to go outside my comfort zone. 

What do you love about your business?

I build websites & provide marketing strategy/coaching for creative entrepreneurs and coaches. I LOVE working with entrepreneurs and other dreamers. Helping them achieve success in their businesses is the greatest feeling in the world. Well, the greatest aside from being a mom! 🙂

What makes Wise Owl Marketing different?

I do have a degree in fine art in design, but I am primarily a marketer. I know having a gorgeous website is important to my clients, but that's the easy part. There are a lot of gorgeous websites that don't convert visitors to leads. I design sites that get my clients more leads so they can help more people and make more money!

Where are you located? 

I work out of my home office in Northern Illinois, as well as on the road when we travel. My office window overlooks the backyard so I can keep an eye on my 9-year-old son and his friends on the swingset. If we have the pleasure of connecting by phone you may hear my son and his friends running around, decked full-out in their cardboard armor for a neighborhood Nerf gun war. It's not exactly the quietest working environment but it is exactly everything I dreamed working from home would be.

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